7 Super Useful Tech Gadgets for Everyone

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September 27, 2019
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7 Super Useful Tech Gadgets for Everyone

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We are living in a world full of new technology tools to make our life easier, and there are some that are more useful than others. Of course, you think that you do not need any gadgets in your life; but once you have it, you will wonder how did you survive without them? Here are 7 super useful tech gadgets for everyone!

Item Trackers

There are a lot of item finder gadgets in the market, you can attach them to your phone, keys or any valuable items that you do not want to lose. Trackers are usually linked via Bluetooth, while some have GPS too. Most item trackers have a community to help you locate items when you are outdoors.

How They Work

When you need to find the item, simply locate it via an app or a cue. Some item finders come with a sound cue, as it will flash or beep when you activate the cue (such as clapping). This tech gadget comes in many shapes and sizes, some even allows you to charge its battery every few weeks!

Why Do you Need It

Everyone misplaces things sometimes. It can be annoying to lose your keys or the remote control, but it will be dangerous when you lose your wallet or mobile phone. Item trackers allow you to locate your valuables, and gives you a peace of mind.

Audio Sunglasses

Bose Frames Alto has a new way for you to enjoy the great outdoors without looking like a Frankenstein with its new audio sunglasses. It’s a pair of UVA and UVB protected sunglasses with its patented technology to let you listen to music without looking like you have anything in your ears.

How They Work

Using the Bose Connect app to connect the phone to the glasses, you can discreetly listen to your favorite music via its open- ear speakers. They also allow you to make phone calls, but they do not have screens or cameras to obsure your view of the beautiful day.

Why Do You Need It

With the price of a good sunglasses or a wireless headphone, you are getting a good quality sunglasses with built-in miniaturised Bose speakers. You do not have to fumble with two things when you are out and about, and you can look stylish without compromising on sound quality of your songs.

Smart Mugs

Image a cup that keeps your drink warm, at the temperature that you like. No more reheating cold tea or coffee at work, or having to chug down a hot drink. Now you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea anytime you want, at the pace that you prefer.

How They Work

Smart mugs has a built in heater to heat up your drink, plus you can customise the temperature via the app. The mug will tell you when the drink reachers your preferred drinking temperature, The cup uses battery that is rechargable, and a charging port that acts as a saucer.

Why Do You Need It

On a cold day, all you want is a warm drink that does not go cold in a few minutes. Smart mugs keep your hot drinks warmer for longer, and you do not have to keep reheating that cuppa. Now you can enjoy perfect drink all the time.

Fitness Trackers

fitness tracker

There are many brands of fitness trackers in the market, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. You can easily find one according to your budget, especially if you want to start getting more active.

How They Work

Fitness trackers track heart rate, steps and calories. Their accuracy does depend on the price range and the amount of sensors they have. Fitness trackers require the app to connect and transmit data, and you can see your statistics on your mobile phone.

Why Do You Need It

Fitness Trackers can show you how fit you are, and how you can improve. Runners prefer one that tracks distance, stride length and many more; while beginners can stick to the simpler features like heart rate and calories. You can find a tracker that fits your need and budget easily.

Charging Docks

With all the mobile devices, you will need a lot of wall plugs to charge them all. Charging docks offer a safer, neater and more organized way to keep your devices powered.

How They Work

Charging Docks come in many designs and styles, but they all allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. They also keep your devices neatly at one place, and you can see clearly when the batteries are full. Some charging stations have spaces for charging watches and wireless headphones.

Why Do You Need It

Having a station keeps your work place and home clean from clutter. You do not have to hunt for a free wall plug, or fight with another person for it. Charging docks are essential when you have a lot of mobile devices to keep powered.

Smart Speaker

Currently, there are three smart speakers that dominate the market. Smart speakers are designed to be speakers with voice control. These speakers have artificial intelligence that are voice- activated, and they can assist with a lot of tasks.

How They Work

Smart speakers are voice- activated and controlled, and there are a lot of tech gadgets that support use with the speakers. You can control temperature, start the washing or even adjust light ambience just by telling the speakers to do so.

Why Do You Need It

Smart speakers are like your personal assistants, but you do not have to pay extra for that service. You can ask them to remind you to do tasks, or make a call as you are busy around the house. They do more than playing your favorite music.

All-In-One Kitchen Machine

All-in-ones are popular tech gadgets, because you get a lot of function in one tool. The multifunctional kitchen machine is the same, it offers to cut and cook in one decent sized machine.

How They Work

All-In-One kitchen machines have internal weighs, blades and heating element. Simply put, they can help you make a meal in quickly and mess free. As a single unit, it can do multiple kitchen tasks to help make cooking an easier process.

Why Do You Need It

For a busy person, cooking can be a chore. You want to eat well but do not have time to prep and cook, then the All-In-One kitchen machine offers healthy home cook meals without the massive cleanup. You have every tool built into one machine, so you ultimately save.


While tech gadgets for everyone can vary between individual needs and budget. The 7 tech gadgets one the list are super useful, they are worth the purchase. You will be able to find a brand that suits your needs and budget. Tech gadgets do make life easier, hence they are worth having.

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