Best FPV Goggles Under $100

best fpv under 200
Best FPV Goggles Under $200
October 15, 2020
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October 22, 2020

Best FPV Goggles Under $100

best fpv goggles under 100

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Do you want a truly immersive experience while flying your favorite drone? Do you want a first-person point-of-view and see what your drone sees? 

Well, an FPV Goggle is your answer. These goggles are designed to show you the first-person view and take you an entirely new dimension.

If you want an HD screen with a well-defined immersive experience, the brilliant and ergonomic EACHINE VR-007 FPV goggles are the perfect fit for you. 

These are the best goggles that offer good value for money and can also take care of short-sighted or near-sighted users with customized eyeglasses.

If you are interested in finding out the best FPV goggles for your drone, keep on reading below. 

These seven goggles are not only best at what they do, but these goggles will not place a burden on your financial budget. 

You can purchase them without spending a fortune and enjoy a drone experience in a uniquely immersive way.

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7 Best FPV Goggles Under $100

fpv goggles under 100

With the recent technological developments in the market, there are over hundreds of different equally amazing options for each product. 

This includes FPV goggles. However, the seven goggles mentioned below are affordable and offer unparalleled pros and benefits to the users. Let’s take a look.


1. KDS Kylin Vision / JJRC JJPRO-F01

KDS Kylin Vision / JJRC JJPRO F01 5" FPV Goggles with built-in receiver (61Ch), 5.8GHz - YouTube

There is a reason these goggles are number one on our list. You can purchase these goggles at a lower price if you decided to go with the used option. 

You will not feel a difference in the quality of the view, as these are designed to maintain the view quality for a long time.

These goggles are designed with elegance and performed in mind, and you will find them to be great-looking while simultaneously offering a realistic first-person point-of-view. 

You will get to enjoy a 640 x 480px screen along with the enclosed headset to get that immersive flying experience.

What’s amazing about these FPV goggles is the impressive mushroom antenna and -90dBm sensitivity that offers a continuous and uninterrupted transmission with the drone and also allows you to enjoy auto-tuning VTX. You can also switch between different modes and channels with simple button clicks.

These goggles come with a powerful 1S 2000mah Li-Po battery that can last for hours on a single charge and can be quickly charged with a mini USB port. 

What’s amazing about these goggles is that the design is ergonomic to reduce the amount of stress and strain around your ears. The buttons are also intuitively placed so that you can quickly change the view or the channels without having to take off the goggles.

Here are the pros of using these goggles:

  • Compatible with a wide array of drones, including the 250 FPV Racing Quadcopters
  • Mushroom antenna
  • -90dBm sensitivity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 5 inches’ screen
  • Automatic search and scan options for the transmitter

However, there are also a few cons to using these goggles:

  • The headset is too fragile and may break quickly.
  • The view is not too bright in daylight.

Here’s a quick link to where you can buy it!


Eachine vr-007 pro vr007 5.8g 40ch fpv goggles 4.3 inch with 3.7v 1600mah battery for rc drone Sale - sold out-arrival notice|Shopping Southeast Asia

These FPV goggles are affordable and considered to offer the best and the most realistic immersive experience to the users. You can purchase these goggles at an affordable price, but these will easily compete against professional FPV goggles.

These FPV goggles will offer you a 4.3-inch display with a resolution of 480 by 272 pixels. This may not seem like a lot at first, but the uninterrupted view with the help of a 40CH 4.8GHz full band transmitter livens up the view and gives you a truly unique immersive experience. 

You will also find the screen to offer an HD view, and this is something you will rarely find in FPV goggles under $100.

While the goggles may look rugged at first, the headset is made from high-quality materials, and the rugged look is intended. The controls are also placed intelligibly around the headset. One can easily get familiar with their position after a few uses and use them without any problems.

You will also get a power indicator and a frequency display on the main screen, and you can quickly charge the included 1600mAH 3.7V (1S) Li-Po battery for another round of immersive flying experience. You can charge this battery with a 5V mini USB port.

Here are the pros of using these goggles with your drone:

  • High softness
  • Well-ventilated and environmental sponge
  • Ergonomic design
  • Face-fitting form
  • Less ambient light
  • HD screen and clear view

However, there are also a few cons you should know before buying these goggles:

  • No options for head tracking
  • Frame build quality is not long-lasting.

One of the best things about these goggles is that customized eyeglasses allow people with short-sightedness or near-sightedness to enjoy the immersive experience without wearing glasses with the headset.

If you want to try it out, here’s where you can buy it!


Usmile 5.8G 40CH 5 Inch 800 x 480 HD Screen Diversity – Aircraft Drones Store


These FPV goggles are a close contender for the first place and an excellent choice for all your amateur or professional drone flying needs. 

These goggles are designed to be lightweight and do not place any unnecessary burden on your ears. The entire headset and the controls around the headset are created from soft materials, making the entire frame comfortable around the head. You may not find a nose area foam, but the lightweight design takes care of that.

According to the users, the focal length on the lens is pretty impressive and offers a deeply immersive experience from all angles. 

Moreover, the screen offers the right amount of brightness and contrast at your disposal, and you can rely on the stock settings to get a crystal-clear picture. You can use these goggles right out of the packaging without any need for manual adjustments.

The internal settings, OSD Usmile, offer a wide array of useful features and settings to the users. You may not find a manual inside the box, but the settings are designed to be intuitive, and you can quickly adjust the view of other elements. 

The screen size is 5.0 inches, and it offers a brilliant resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Here are the pros of choosing these goggles for your drone:

  • Soft materials and a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight design
  • Auto-scan
  • RSSI calibration
  • Impressive focal length
  • Built-in 40CH 5.8GHz A/V Diversity receiver

However, there are also a few cons of using these goggles:

  • Ambient light may get through the missing nose foam.
  • The battery doesn’t last long.

These goggles also come with a customized eyeglass that is well-suited for people with myopia. They will not have to wear any additional glasses to get that immersive experience that they are looking for.

Ready to buy it? Check out this link today!

4. Eachine VR D2

Eachine VR D2 Pro | Rotorama


These goggles are available for an affordable price tag of (click for current price). These goggles are for those who are looking for a high-quality FPV system at an unbelievably affordable price tag.

The internal screen offers a remarkable resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and the screen size is 5 inches. This offers you a truly HD immersive experience of high quality. The goggles offer a standard rounded design that is face-fitting and sits comfortably around the ears.

You will also find eight buttons on the back of this headset that are placed strategically and intuitively. The goggles come with a one-digit display and offer continuous transmission with the drone using the powerful 40CH Raceband 5.8G diversity receiver.

Here are the pros of getting these goggles for yourself:

  • Two antennas: short-range FPV Clover Leaf antenna and a long-range FPV antenna
  • Adjustable lens
  • Sharp Image
  • Built-in DVR
  • Stranded Rounded Design
  • 40CH Raceband 5.8G diversity receiver

However, you should also be familiar with the associated cons:

  • The battery measuring meter is inaccurate.
  • Stock settings are too bright for some users.

There is also a built-in DVR that can be used for filming the entire experience, and you can also share the video on your social media accounts.

Click here if you’d like to buy this product here today!

5. Eachine EV800

Eachine ev800 5 inches 800x480 fpv goggles 5.8g 40ch raceband auto-searching build in battery Sale -

This is yet another great set of FPV goggles from EACHINE, and you can purchase these for (click for current price). These are affordable yet great entry-level FPV goggles for beginners.

These goggles come with a 5-inch HD LCD screen that offers a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Moreover, this screen is quite bright and offers a 600cd/m2 brightness level to the users. 

This is pretty amazing compared to other models on the market, and you can enjoy a sharp image without any problems.

You can also detach the headset and use the HD LCD screen as a separate FPV monitor. You also get 40 channels and RaceBand at 5.8Ghz that offer uninterrupted flight sessions and transmission with the drone. 

The goggles come with a comfortable face sponge that is perfect for users who want to use these for hours on end.

Here are the pros for EACHINE EV800:

  • Perfect entry-level goggles
  • Easy-to-adjust
  • Intuitive buttons and settings
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 5 Inches’ HD LCD Screen
  • Sharp image
  • Easy channel locator

Here are the cons for EACHINE EV800:

  • Average antenna (consider upgrading)
  • Battery level meter not accurate

The built-in battery is a 3.7V/2000mAh. This means that the higher storage capacity gives you approximately 3.5 hours of usage. This is brilliant compared to the other models on the market, which only lasts for less than an hour.

Order this product now while it’s available!


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If you are looking for an affordable set of FPV goggles under $100 that will compete with professional goggles, this is the one for you.

You will get an 800×400 WVGA screen and brightness controls to take control of your immersive drone flying experience. 

This headset comes with a 64CH 5.8G full band that takes care of offering continuous connection with the drone, and you do not have to suffer through any lag. The view also offers a high-quality and high-definition image for a truly amazing experience.

Here are the pros of using this set of goggles for your next drone flying experience:

  • 5.8G 64CH
  • Full-band 5645M~5945M
  • 5-inch screen
  • 300cd/m2(adjustable) brightness settings

Here are the cons of these goggles:

  • The headset may take too long to charge.

Click here to buy this product today!


Eachine vr d2 pro 5 inches 800*480 40ch 5.8g diversity fpv goggles dvr lens adjustable for rc drone Sale - sold out-arrival notice


If you want a truly powerful set of FPV goggles with two antennas, you can get these for (click for current pricing). These goggles are yet another amazing addition from EACHINE and offer good value for money.

You will get a 5-inch screen that will offer you a resolution of 800×480 pixels. The item comes with two different antennas for short-range flying and long-distance flying. The antennas offer you a sensitivity of -95dBm, that is quite amazing. The goggles also come with an adjustable lens that is perfect for those suffering any eyesight issues.

Here are the pros of using EACHINE VR D2:

  • Two different antennas
  • Adjustable lens
  • -95dBm Sensitivity
  • Even distribution of weight around the head
  • Built-in DVR function
  • Built-in low-voltage alarm

However, here are the cons you should know about before using EACHINE VR D2:

  • Inaccurate battery meter
  • The screen can be too bright for some users.

These goggles come with an adjustable lens. This means that people suffering from eyesight issues do not have to worry about wearing glasses with the headset and can also enjoy a crystal-clear immersive flying experience.

If you want to get these goggles for yourself or a friend, here is the Amazon link. 

The Verdict: Which One Should You Buy? 

fpv goggles

FPV goggles will enhance your drone flying experience and offer a realistic piloting sensation. You can also use these headsets with your smartphone for an immersive movie-watching experience. You can truly see the world from your drone camera’s perspective and get the best out of your drones.

Eachine EV800 is the best set of FPV goggles as it offers a truly HD experience for the users with an HD LCD screen and adjustable brightness settings. 

However, any set of FPV goggles from EACHINE should do the job and offer an amazing and truly immersive experience at your fingertips.

If you liked this article, you should check out other reviews on our website. If you want to know more about the world of modern-era drones and the relevant gadgets, check out other articles on the blog.

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