Gorilla Gadgets Review

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Gorilla Gadgets Review

Gorilla Gadgets Review

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Okay, we’ve all been there — you’re on your last 4% of battery life and you’re stuck in a queue without a wall plug anywhere in sight. It feels like you’re in the desert about to drink your last drop of water. It’s in that moment that you vow to yourself to buy a battery pack or external charger for your phone. Because, let’s be honest, your whole life is on there. If you don’t have your phone, you’re lost!

Luckily, there is a company that specializes in that area. Gorilla Gadgets focuses their attention on people like you and me, who need that extra battery life with no hassle. But, I need to set a couple of things straight about them before you get too excited. I’ll outline some pros and cons for you that might help in making your decision on whether to buy their products or not.

The Pros

Product Technology

Gorilla Gadgets Portable Power Bank

Gorilla Gadgets Portable Power Bank

When it comes to their best-known products — the above mentioned battery cases — they really hit the mark. They are sleek, reliable, easy to install, and compatible with just about any phone (even as old as a Samsung Galaxy S5!)

They hold a great charge, and fulfill their destiny of saving you the anxiety of unexpectedly being without a phone in the middle of nowhere. If you want to reduce on the bulk of your device, you can even get their Extended Life Replacement Battery for select devices, which just about doubles their charge.

While the plug-and-play style of battery pack is my first choice, they have a few other options, too. The Qi style wireless chargers have a ton of USB ports and seem to last a long time. They have smart-charging technology which protects your devices from over-heating, over-charging, etc. I can appreciate this feature when I’m highway driving for 11+ hours in the summer with Google Maps on my dash.

Price Point

This is a big pro for me. I don’t like to take big risks on technology, since it’s a market that is always changing. If I buy something today, tomorrow will offer the next best thing. So, I like to do my research and then simply take the mid-range product that offers the best features for the lowest price point.

While some battery cases will last longer than others, at least you know where your hard-earned dollars are going.

They directly reflect the degree of charge you need for your phone. If you want to spend $20 – $40, you can get a basic battery case that will extend the life of your phone by about 1.5x, which is enough for most people.

If you are a business owner, personal assistant or social media promoter, you may want to spend $40 – $80 on a really reliable product.

Luckily for people like me, Gorilla Gadgets is almost always discounting their mid-range products. That means you can get a great battery case worth $59.99 for something like $40 on a good day. Chances are, the product that is right for you is available at a really decent price.

The Cons

Customer Service

If you are the kind of customer that likes the seller to be in contact with you should anything go wrong, this is probably not the right company to buy from. Unfortunately they are notorious for being uncommunicative, or if they do answer the phone, their response is generally unhelpful. That’s not to say in every case, but if your screen protector is defective or not what you expected, it’s likely that you will have wasted your money.

If you are anything like me, you’re used to this in the online shopping world. I tend to take these kinds of things in stride when the price is under $20, but in this case, I would be pretty peeved if my new battery pack didn’t hold a charge and the seller didn’t care to turn the experience around and at least try to make me a loyal customer.

Shipping & Returns

Gorilla Glass

It’s quite possible that they hired actual gorillas to do their shipping & returns. From what I can tell, they tend to mess up on basic things like forgetting to write the address on the package before posting it.

While that is the exception to the general rule, it still is a huge headache of back-and-forth communication with a team that doesn’t seem to put much effort into fixing mistakes.

Returns, in general, seem to be a nightmare. Considering the aforementioned “gorilla service team,” I’m sure you can imagine the degree of assistance they provide when “explaining” how to return their items to them and receive a refund. You may find that is 3 hours of your life that you can never get back.

90-95% of customers who buy from this company, however, seem to receive the products they asked for in a timely fashion with no problems. If you’re feeling lucky, you can play this game of chance and roll the dice! I suppose it adds a thrilling element of mystery to the online shopping experience.


At the end of the day, we can’t take life too seriously — especially not in the online shopping world. Is Gorilla Gadgets is a legitimate company? Yes. Are they a great company? Not so much. But, are they worth buying from? It depends what kind of person you are.

If you are willing to play roulette, their battery packs are some of the best in value on the market. Just don’t take it personally if you lose. Life is too short to spend time dealing with poor customer service.

My advice, if you do choose to buy from Gorilla Gadgets, is to stick to their best products: wireless chargers, replacement batteries and battery cases for cell phones.

They seem to have that niche figured out, so as long as they manage to write your address properly on the package, your phone will meet its new sidekick in no time.

Best luck in your technological ventures!

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