Interceptor Drone Review

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Interceptor Drone Review


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When it comes to high-quality quadcopter drones, World tech toys are at the top of the industry without the shadow of a doubt. 

A really popular customer choice nowadays is the Interceptor drone. Well, you might be wondering what makes the Interceptor so special. 

So, in this article, we’re going to review all the specs and features of the Interceptor drone to make sure whether it’s a good choice for you or not.

What’s The Interceptor Drone?

The Interceptor Drone is a high-quality quadcopter drone which allows you to record video and take pictures of 640×480 resolution and have a great time while doing so. 

It is stylish and sleekly designed making it the best drone choice for people of all ages no matter what their level of drone piloting skills is. 

Talking about some of the key features of the Interceptor Drone, we’re definitely going to put a word in for the 2Gb Micro SD card along with the sleek design and amazing control. 

Another great thing about this drone is the flight capability it comes with, which is absolutely great. Overall, it is definitely worth spending some money on.

However, all these things are just the essentials. In order to truly get an idea of the drone itself before you spend your precious money on it, we’re going to delve deep into the specs and features of the Interceptor Drone. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

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In-Depth Interceptor Drone Review

drone interceptor

In order to give you a proper review so you can get the best bang for your buck, let us delve a little deeper into the drone and its properties.

Product Description

The Interceptor Drone comes with a great quality transmitter remote control with an LCD display featuring signal strength, battery level, and other options as well. 

The drone itself comes with all the battery requirements that you can use to fly it far across the sky for a fun and exciting time!

The overall quality of the components is pretty satisfactory and you’re definitely going to have a great time with this quadcopter drone. 

With a 4.5 channel radio connection, you’re assured stable and controllable flights all day every day.

Special Features

This drone by World Tech Toys is incredibly jam-packed with features and in order to give you a slight taste of what it can offer, here’s a list of specs that you can take a look at.

  • The Interceptor drone comes with a 2.4Ghz signal frequency which allows for exceptional control in all directions.
  • It also comes equipped with stable gyro-control to maintain the signal strength and keep the drone flight smooth and swift even when it covers long distances.
  • With the 360 spin and stunt buttons, you can have a fun and exciting time flying this beast. It honestly makes for some exciting and happy times with friends and family.
  • There’s a 2Gb Micro SD card along with a 1-megapixel camera for standard quality video and picture capturing.
  • The remote-control transmitter comes with a great looking LCD display which showcases states of different options for a better pilot perspective.

Pros of the Interceptor Drone

When it comes to advantages, there are many, in the Interceptor Drone by World Tech Toys. Here’s some of them explained.

  • Stable and Controlled Flight – The high quality 4.5 channel radio connectivity, as well as the 2.4Ghz frequency of the controller, allows for incredibly stable and superb flights when it comes to the Interceptor drone.
  • Long ranged flying capabilities – The flight range is better than many other quadcopter drones and it can fly swiftly even in the hands of a newer pilot because of the easy controls and amazing flight performance.
  • LCD Display – The LCD display on the transmitter allows you to keep an eye out for any signal problems or battery errors as well as many other small details which is pretty great for a drone of this price.
  • Amazing Transmitter Quality – In terms of quality, the remote control is pretty epic. The handling as well as the size along with the smoothness of the joysticks along with the stunt and spin buttons, everything makes the overall experience of the flight simply amazing.
  • Camera – It also comes with a recording camera that allows for video and picture quality of around 640×480 resolution, making it an average camera drone as well.
  • SD Storage – In order to save your recorded files, there is a 2Gb SD card installed in the drone so you can save and keep your memories within the drone for a long time to come.

Cons of the Interceptor Drone

Despite the great benefits this drone comes with, there are also some problematic issues which might make the overall experience a little less amazing for you, as a drone piloting enthusiast.

  • Low-Quality Camera – Although there is a camera installed within the Interceptor Drone, the quality of the camera is sub-par when it comes to comparison with other camera drones because of the 1-megapixel camera and standard quality capturing resolution.
  • Higher Price Point – This particular drone is slightly more expensive than other drones that have similar specs, even though it inches out ahead of them in terms of features and quality.
  • Suitable for Outdoors Only – When it comes to speed, there aren’t many options to meddle with, that is why using this drone indoors could prove actually pretty problematic. So, your best bet is to use it outside and make sure that you fly it in a large environment without any obstacles or restrictions in place for a good flying experience.

Price and Availability

When it comes to price, as we’ve discussed before, the Interceptor Drone is minorly more expensive than other drones of its type. 

Which is why you need to be very wary before you spend your money on it. You’re going to be able to find this drone anywhere you look. 

From e-commerce stores to physical markets, World Tech Toys products are everywhere and so is the interceptor drone. 

So, make sure you get the best price on it before you end up spending your money.

PS: I found a link where you can buy it for cheap! 

Design Review

When it comes to the design of the Interceptor drone itself, it looks very futuristic and modern. 

The build is sleek and designed for the best flying performance without any holdbacks. If you’re looking at the overall quality including the controller as well, we’ll say this bundle is better in quality than most of the drones that we’ve reviewed. 

However, in terms of a few minor details, it can be problematic. If you’re ready to overlook them, you’re good to go.

Flight Performance

The overall flight performance of the Interceptor Drone by World Tech Toys is fine to put it simply. 

Due to the gyro-controlled flight ability as well as the incredible 4.5 channel connectivity, smooth flights are just a few buttons away. 

Along with that, the 2.4Ghz signal frequency assures a great signal performance as long as the drone remains out of obstructions and obstacles which might hinder its performance.

Camera Quality

We’ve talked about the price and the performance, let’s talk about the camera quality this time. 

This particular drone is not the best option when it comes to camera capabilities. The camera is only 1 megapixel and offers a 640×480 resolution making the videos and pictures blurry and shaky which isn’t ideal when it comes to drone camera recordings. 

So, try to use it for fun and adventure more than professional videography we’ll suggest.

Where To Buy It?

interceptor drone

Different vendors are going to give their own prices for this drone but if you’re really looking for a solid deal, you should definitely check out Amazon for a safe and trustable product. 

Make sure you take a look at the different opinions and reviews that experienced customers have left to get a better idea before you invest in the Interceptor drone for your drone flying needs.

What do customers say about it?

Before you end up buying the Interceptor Drone, we want you to take a look at the responses that we’ve gathered from customers who’ve purchased it and experienced the flight first hand. 

Most of the customers say that the price and the performance of this drone are simply amazing. They even claim that they’d pay more for the great flying experience that they had with the Interceptor Drone.

However, there are some customers who have complained about battery life and performance and think that it would be better if the batteries lasted longer and were easier to replace. 

This could be concerning but since these cases are rare, you don’t have to worry about and you can find the batteries almost anywhere on the internet marketplace.

The Verdict: Is it worth buying?

Well, at the end of the review, we have to answer the question, “Is the Interceptor Drone really worth buying?”. 

Well, if you’re looking for a fun-filled drone flying adventure, definitely. However, if you’re looking for HD camera performance, you can go with other drones that we’ve reviewed. 

Make sure to check out the other reviews on our website to find the drone of your choice.

PS: I found a link where you can buy it for cheap! 

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