Sky Viper V2400 Drone Review – Some Serious Fun

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Sky Viper V2400 Drone Review – Some Serious Fun

Sky Viper V2400

Sky Viper V2400

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Want to have some intense fun and laughs? You are cordially invited to join the world of the Sky Viper drone.

You might see a drone anywhere you look. They’re in the news, flying above sporting events, in the parks and backyards of the entire planet.

The Sky Viper is a series of remote-controlled flying machines made by Skyrocket toys. The model V2400 is a great example to examine for anyone wanting to know more about drones. Today we’ll bring to you our Sky Viper V2400 drone review.

It is small and reasonably priced, but it has advanced features not found on others in its class.

Comes with drone, battery, remote, two extra propellers, charger and phone mount to attach your cell phone to the remote.

There is a beginner mode that has one button launch, autopilot, hover, and auto-land functions to make it easy to operate for newbies.

An altitude hold feature also helps beginners learn to control the aircraft without crashes.

You can switch from beginner to pro mode also and exhibit your skills as a drone pilot by flying without automatic functions.

Core Features

Sky Viper V2400 Drone II

Sky Viper V2400 Drone – Cheapest place to buy

Yes. The V2400 has thrust and maneuverability equal to or greater than many drones form its era and class. It can do barrel rolls while moving forward and flips with the push of a button.

The altitude hold function can be turned off and on, not comm with similar products. Dives and other more elaborate acrobatics can be accomplished easier with altitude hold off.

A 720 HD camera included onboard has a visual field of 95 degrees. This is one of the widest video fields available for similar products.

The camera angle points down, however, making it difficult or impossible to get forward-viewing video or pictures.

The app available for the drone has data information such as memory usage, so you know how much video memory is remaining.

Also, the app can recognize and notify you about adverse situations such as being stuck, upside down, or a frozen propeller, to help avoid damage and crashes.

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The Good and the Not So Good

Sky Viper V2400 Headset

Sky Viper V2400 Headset


  • The V2400 has a slim design making it easier to control in windy conditions
  • It has a well-labeled remote control that is not so common with drones in its class.
  • The drone is well built and can survive crashes well according to reviewer tests.
  • Excellent speed, power, and agility capabilities.


  • The range of control is only about 150 feet.
  • Using the auto-landing feature can cause a hard landing unless you start from a low altitude.
  • There is some distortion in the video because of the wider than usual visual field (95 degrees).
  • Some report loss of control at higher altitudes.

Your First Mission

Now that you see what the Sky Viper V2400 can do, imagine what fun your first important mission could be.

Your mission? With your drone, secretly approach Precious (your cat), who is sleeping in the yard. Also, retaliate for some of her bad attitudes and behaviors in the past. Scare the daylights out of her and produce a video record of the mission.

You’re confident, but a little nervous. You’re not an expert pilot, but you take great pleasure in doing this job.

You press the launch button, and the Sky Viper climbs quickly into the air. The mission must be completed before about eight minutes before power has depleted.

Now it’s time to take control. You adjust the altitude to about 20 feet and fly slowly toward the target. The video camera is engaged and begins recording.

Then, when just above the target, Precious comes into view on your phone via the Sky Viper app. You activate the hover feature, and the target is in full clear view.

She looks so peaceful. Probably dreaming about a candlelight mouse dinner in her honor or something. It seems like such a shame to disturb her, but the mission must go on.

The pilot (you) begins a slow descent toward the target. Down…down…lower and lower, slowly…slowly.

Then it happens! About six feet above the objective, Precious jumps 2 feet straight into the air and tears off like lightning on steroids to her favorite hiding place.

You press the autopilot button while laughing hysterically. Mission accomplished. Job well done.

Taking control again, you bring the Sky Viper back to base and press the landing button to complete the job.

You now have a complete video record to share and enjoy for years with family, friends, and the world. No one was hurt, and precious will soon recover and return to normal.

Others Agree!

You will find any number of opinions and reviews about the Sky Viper V2400 drone. Three is a common agreement that the V2400 has excellent operational, informational, and camera capabilities.

Compared with other products created in the same class and time, the Sky Viper is a top-notch, affordable drone often highly recommended.

A Few No Brainers

Some things to remember when operating any drone. Drones can fly very fast, and the propellers rotate at a high velocity. If a person, animal, or object is struck, it can cause serious personal injury or property damage, not to mention the obliteration of the craft itself.

  1. Read and obey all safety warnings and instructions.
  2. Know the functions and limitations of your aircraft.
  3. Do not try to make the drone do more than it is designed to do.
  4. Be extra cautious when operating indoors or in closed-in spaces.
  5. Be sure to land the craft before the battery is exhausted.
  6. Don’t use drones for spying, or any other bad behavior.

To Recap

Drones have become a popular way to enjoy spare time. Many thousands have accepted the challenge to learn the skills necessary to properly operate these fun, multi-functional flying crafts. From casual users, to frequent hobbyists, to full-blown enthusiasts, everyone loves their drones.

The Sky Viper V2400 is an affordable, highly functional drone with simple to advanced features, and I recommend it highly. It is suitable and fun for beginners, age twelve and above, to highly skilled drone pilots.

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