The 3 Best Accessories for the DJI Spark – Bulk Up Your Drone

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The 3 Best Accessories for the DJI Spark – Bulk Up Your Drone

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It’s pretty well-known that DJI is one of the top drone makers on the market. Recently, they came out with the DJI Spark, a compact drone that you can take with you anywhere you. The machine flies without the need for a controller, responding to hand gestures and facial recognition, allowing for easy control and image capture.

While the photo and video quality isn’t as high as some of the other DJI drones, the Spark is meant for casual use and is perfect for beginners getting the feel of working a drone and learning how to capture footage for the first time.

Because spark is a relatively autonomous machine, it doesn’t come with many accessories. Typically, the drone comes with one battery, a charger, a USB cable, adapter, four foldable propellers, and, of course, the drone itself. We’ve compiled a brief list of the three best accessories you can buy to give your drone an upgrade, plus other honorable mentions of accessories you might want to look at.

The Controller

DJI Spark Controller

DJI Spark Controller

Unlike most drones, the DJI Spark doesn’t come with a controller, which is understandable when you take into account that a phone app and hand gestures are what usually control the mini-drone. Luckily, you can receive a control when purchasing the Fly More combo for the DJI Spark, or buy the controller by itself off of (click for current price)

While the standard controls are easy and fun to use, having a physical remote controller for the Spark allows you more control over the drone and easier access to its functions.

The controller has a mount for your smartphone and can connect to the drone via WiFi for transmitting live video to your phone through the DJI GO 4 app. The drone can send video from up to 1.2 miles flying at speeds up to 31 miles per hour and at an altitude of up to 120 meters. The controller’s battery life is roughly two and a half hours – although the Spark’s flight time is only about 16 minutes.

Customer satisfaction with the controller is relatively positive. Buyers generally agree that the controller is a must-have for the Spark, as it increases the flight distance that’s cut down by using a cellphone in comparison.

The primary complaint is that the connection can be a little complicated to figure out – since the controller, drone, and smartphone all have to connect through WiFi – but watching video tutorials will help you figure that out.

Interested? Here’s where you can buy it!

Portable Charging Hub

DJI Portable Charger

DJI Portable Power Pack

The portable charging hub is an essential accessory for cutting down on charging time and giving your drone a safe place to sit while it charges. The station has three spots for three batteries, including the one that already comes with your drone. The batteries sit side by side with each other, and the drone sits right on top. When fully charged, you can get in about 48 hours of consecutive flight time.

To paint you a picture of the benefit, let’s compare the charging times. One Spark battery can be charged in about 80 minutes using the standard USB charging cable. In the hub, one battery takes roughly 52 minutes to charge, and two batteries take only 55 minutes to charge.

When charging three batteries at once, the approximation is about 85.2 minutes – so almost an hour and a half. This means that with the portable charging station, you’ll be able to charge three batteries in nearly the same amount of time it would typically take you to charge one. It can charge about five or six batteries to full before the station goes dead itself.

The charging station can be purchased as a bundle of station plus two batteries for about but also comes by itself for a lesser price and with only one extra battery. In addition to being able to charge your Spark batteries, a USB port comes included so that you can charge your phone or the remote control at the same time.

While that may sound like a little much, the charging station adjusts its electrical current based on the temperature of the machine, so you won’t have to worry about the station overheating.

Customer reviews are generally super positive about this charging station, especially those customers who use it working in the field or take it from place to place by driving. The chief complaints are about the charging capacity not being big enough, but most agree that the station is a must-have, especially if you travel.

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Propeller Guards

DJI Propeller Guards

DJI Propeller Guards

While the DJI Spark boasts sensory technology that allows it to avoid crashes safely, the risk is always there. If you’ve ever flown a mini-drone before, you know that once it clips it’s propeller on anything, it goes down.

And if you’ve ever been cut by drone propellers before yourself (which I have, on multiple occasions, thanks to my brothers), you know how much it stings. Instead of repeatedly spending money on replacement propellers, propeller guards are the way to go to stop the accident before it happens and to keep the people around you safe.

You can buy four attachable propeller guards on (click for current price) if you haven’t purchased the Fly More Combo with DJI.

Buyers on Amazon generally agree that these guards are easy to attach and detach, sturdy, and an excellent buy for beginner’s who haven’t quite learned how not to crash their drone into everything in their immediate surroundings. There isn’t a downside to these, it seems, except that they’re a bit pricey for what they are and that some people have a hard time clipping them on. Otherwise, these are a smart buy for the learner or novice.

Here’s a quick link to where you can buy it!

Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of other great accessories that you can pair with your Spark that aren’t on the list but are surely worth mentioning.

  • Extra batteries and extra propellers – While we mentioned before that the charging station bundle and the propeller guards would cut down on having to buy these additional items, extras are never bad to have. Itself offer extra protection and an safer way to travel with your Spark and its additions.
  • Sunshades and aviator glasses – The sunshade is for your phone and controller, the aviator glasses are for you, and both provide protect from the sun.
  • On the go via USB cable if you don’t have the station with you or at all. It also acts as a portable charger for your phone and other devices.

If you’ve recently come into a DJI Spark and are looking for ways to enhance your experience, give these accessories a buy, they’ll be more than worth it.

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