Top 5 Drones that are Sold at Walmart

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September 27, 2019
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Top 5 Drones that are Sold at Walmart

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If you have decided to order your next drone online, Walmart might be the best place to shop. Not only will you get excellent discount deals here but will also get a chance to read user reviews and make a decision accordingly.

From Dji and Vivitar to Holy Stone and Snaptain, you will find almost every renowned drone manufacturer at Walmart. The best drones out there are not necessarily the most expensive ones; in fact, the most highly rated quadcopters are quite reasonably priced.

The reason behind their popularity is the solid feature-packed construction, light weight but durable body, excellent battery for a longer flying time, high quality camera and ease of use.

A quick summary overview of the top drones sold on Walmart:

Now let’s get in to a more in-depth description of each drone. What’s there to like and dislike. What you should pay attention to before buying and a few pitfalls to avoid..


#1 SNAPTAIN SP600 WiFi FPV Drone with 720p HD Camera

SNAPTAIN is a Chinese company but popular for producing some of the best drones available on the market. This one is referred to as a “toy-grade” drone but it is something that comes with advanced features at a great price. It is equally good for kids as well as adults and has been especially recommended for beginners. If you want a real-time FPV live stream, gesture and voice control, one key return, and angle adjustable camera, this drone will fulfill all your requirements.

In addition to these features, it also offers some advanced functionality like 3D VR mode, 3 speed modes, and trajectory flight. It is easy to setup and use even by someone who is flying a drone for the first time. It is recommended for anyone who wants to test their flying abilities before spending money on an expensive and more advanced drone. It does not require FAA registration as it is light weight but the good thing is, it is extremely stable.

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#2 Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with 1080p Camera

If you want a drone that offers up to 18 minutes of flight time, comes with a GPS return-home feature and has a great camera, look no further. This drone comes with all the advanced features you might be looking for at a reasonable price. The 1080p camera comes with 120 degrees FOV and 75 degrees adjustable wide angle. This drone is excellent for capturing high quality photos and stable videos. It comes with kid-friendly functions that make it easy to use for beginners.

The Follow Me mode is an additional feature, which makes the drone follow the user and take great selfies. Its GPS feature is far superior than that of many of its rivals. The 2.4Hz FPV real-time video is really powerful amazing. If anyone wants a reasonably priced drone that offers great videos and one-touch takeoff among many other advanced features, this quadcopter will fulfill all their requirements.

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#3 Cooligg Drone for Beginners with 720p Camera and Foldable Design

This entry-level drone offers an amazing flying experience to beginners. It is durable, solid and comes packaged with all the features a newbie could want. Its compact size and foldable design are attractive features along with its ease of use. In fact it’s a great value for money since it is totally affordable. Kids and hobbyists can enjoy it equally since it comes with a fairly good camera, powerful battery, and FPV functionality. It has received a good rating and continues to attract more customers because of its durable construction and of course the price.

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#4 Holy Stone HS220 FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

A relatively inexpensive drone from the famous manufacturer Holy Stone, this good-looking drone with foldable arms will make an excellent gift for anyone who loves to fly drones.

It can fly both folded and unfolded but you have to use the proper mode to handle it correctly. It is durable like most of the drones from this manufacturer and would definitely last a long time.

The controller and the drone use the same batteries, which can also be switched in case you want some more flight time. It comes with extra props and extra landing pads, which are bonus accessories at this price.

All the other great features are also present, such as one-key landing and takeoff, altitude hold, and 4 different speed modes. One of the downsides about this drone is that, you won’t be able to charge both the batteries simultaneously.

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#5 DJI Tello Quadcopter Beginner Drone VR HD Video

A compact yet powerful entry-level drone for beginners from the famous manufacturer DJI, this quadcopter is available in two sizes: regular and boost.

Its 5MP camera and 720p MP4 video recording capability makes it very attractive in the eyes of some people. It is easy to set up and can be connected with your smartphone in a breeze. It doesn’t come with a controller, which could annoy some flyers who are used to handling their quadcopters with an RC.

This drone is so easy to operate that even small kids can fly it without any difficulty. Its photo quality is excellent and it can offer a flight time of up to 13 minutes.

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Finding the best drone online sometimes gets tricky with so many options available and such a marked difference in the price. It is easy to get lured by the most expensive drones out there or the sponsored products.

But the truth is, you can find great drones at a reasonable price that come packed with advanced features and a durable body. It is not difficult to find these drones because they have been highly rated at places like Walmart.

Anyone who is an experienced flyer must already know which drone would be best suited to his needs, But someone who is just learning to fly or wants to fly a drone for the first time wouldn’t spend a lot of money on this machine.

So, entry-level drone within the price range of $50 to $200 are pretty good and they have found to be the best ones at Walmart.

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